Can I print my logo on a paper bag?

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Absolutely! Here’s how we can make it happen:

  1. For Single-Color Logos:
    • We have a variety of paper bags ready for customization. They come in 32 sizes and three classic colors: white, black, and brown. You only need to order a minimum of 100 bags, all in the same size and color, with your logo hot-stamped onto them.
  2. For Multi-Color Logos:
    • If your logo has more than one color, you’ll need to order a minimum of 500 bags. But don’t worry, you have the freedom to choose the size, color, handle type, and even extras like lamination.

We have different production methods depending on the quantity of bags you need. But before we dive into specifics, could you share your logo with us for review?

To discuss your options further, reach out to our packaging specialists at Lipack

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