Why custom courier bags are becoming more and more popular?

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With the development of the times and the progress of technology, logistics and e-commerce have gradually become a pillar industry, so the use of mailing bags are becoming more and more, generally, mailing bags belong to custom products, can well promote their product brands and establish the image of the store, so custom mailing bags become more and more businessmen’s choice.

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1. What is the role of mailing bags?

2. Why do you want to customize mailing bags?

What is the role of mailing bags?

Mailing bags are used for logistics and e-commerce products, the main role is to cover and protect the transport of products, so mailing bags need to have a high degree of shading and resistance to friction, there is a certain amount of tension and toughness. Express bag film blowing process usually uses a three-layer co-extrusion film blowing machine to blow film, the inner and middle layers of the general material is fixed LDPE material, the outer layer can be customized according to customer preferences, the main material of the mailing bag surface is smooth LDPE, while the surface matte material is HDPE.

LDPE surface gloss, good tensile strength, while the HDPE surface is matte, toughness is better. Both materials are blown film effect is very good, can have good printing performance, for e-commerce sellers to the pursuit of fine printing, is a very good choice.

Why do you want to customize mailing bags?

E-commerce, Internet users are continuing to grow, online shopping has become the trend of the times. So, in this so competitive society, as an e-commerce business how to increase exposure, purchase rate, repeat rate? Perhaps we think or product quality, the use of network promotion, this is indeed true, the elements or product quality this piece, product quality is not good, you promote the good, but also useless, and it is a direct impact on customer return rate and store image, the quality of this piece is crucial; two use of network promotion is also very important, it can increase store exposure, product purchase rate. However, we should also pay attention to the details of this piece, the details will also affect your success and failure; for example, there are two sell the same product e-commerce, quality, very good service attitude, but C has not been more than B turnover rate, the reason lies in B than C more thought, B home with their store characteristics of custom mailing bags, B home mailing bags not only have printed their own brand LOGO, but also the beautiful graphic design on the bag. So innovative and creative mailing bags, not only to attract people’s attention but also to promote their product brands and establish the image of the store, fully reflecting the characteristics of your store distinctive for increased exposure and purchase rate is a very good advertising campaign.

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