What kind of effect can the design of luxury paper boxes have?

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Nowadays, there are more and more kinds of paper boxes on the market, but to stand out, what kind of effect should the design of luxury paper boxes have? And how to buy luxury paper boxes? All these are what you need to know. Read on!

Here is the table of contents:

  • What kind of effect can be achieved by luxury paper box design?
  • How to buy luxury paper boxes?

What kind of effect can be achieved by luxury paper box design?

Many effects can be achieved by the design of luxury paper boxes, for example, through such a design, it can make a certain outer packaging more eye-catching and can make customers have a deep impression on this outer packaging, or make customers have a deep impression on this product and the logo mark.

The first important aspect is that the designed luxury paper boxes must be recognizable, sometimes called readable, which means that the content on the designed luxury packing boxes should be clear, for example, there may be product descriptions on the content, then this information can be well seen by customers, there is no blurring of the outer packaging.

The second important element is to make the luxury paper boxes after being placed on the shelves can have a certain attraction, different products sales or sales environment is different, if it is in the top of the counter for sales, or in the booth for display sales, then we should make the appearance of luxury paper boxes and these environments complement each other so that it is easier to attract the eyes of customers.

The third important element is to be able to highlight the trademark of the fancy paper box products, do not let the outer packaging design is too pompous and lead to the product’s brand logo is submerged, but should allow customers to see the packaging, can be very eye-catching guidance trademark image characteristics.

The fourth important aspect is to briefly describe the function of the luxury paper box, which is a board that must be on top of the outer packaging, such as the function of the luxury paper box, or the way to open the package, or the precautions to use this product, etc.

The fifth important aspect is the choice of pattern. The pattern on the top of the luxury paper box should be eye-catching and generous, with a certain symbolic meaning or a certain art appreciation function.

The last one is to take into account the characteristics of the luxury paper box, the culture of the company, and some features of the product brand when designing, and to integrate these elements in the design of the luxury paper box.

How to buy luxury paper boxes?

1. Before choosing a luxury paper box, you should first determine the size of your product and provide the length, width, and height of the contents to the luxury paper box factory, then the factory can determine the size of the outer packaging of the luxury paper box according to the data.

2. Provide the weight of the contents, because the weight-bearing capacity and pressure-resisting capacity of luxury paper boxes of different materials are different, so you need to choose a suitable material according to the weight of your products to avoid unnecessary waste.

3. Determine your box type, there are many kinds of luxury paper box types, such as counterpart, heaven and earth cover, don’t bottom full cover, etc., according to the actual demand to determine the box type you need.

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