What are the features of the take away paper bag and the advantages of using it?

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Take away paper bags are designed for supermarkets and shopping malls. Supermarkets, shopping malls facilitate consumer shopping, the purchase of goods transported home, link with the consumer’s feelings, and design a special tote bag. This type of food delivery paper bag is mostly made of kraft paper, which is more solid in structure and material than other bags and can hold more items and is cheaper. This article will focus on the features and benefits of the take away paper bag.

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  • What are the features of the take away paper bag?
  • What are the advantages of kraft food paper bags over plastic bags and other bio-friendly materials?

What are the features of the take away paper bag?

(1) The raw material is selected from high-grade kraft paper, which has good thickness and toughness. It will not break in normal use.

(2) It is recyclable and biodegradable. Compared to plastic bags, kraft paper bags can be reused and degraded in nature.

(3) With green characteristics. Paper is one of the most common environmentally friendly materials in life. Kraft paper bags can be reused, which helps to protect the environment.

(4) Has a durable handle and a strong load-bearing capacity. Usually packing food or carrying bread, drinks and other foodstuffs will not have any quality problems.

(5) Advanced bonding technology is used to ensure that the paper bag will not break even if it is exposed to water.

What are the advantages of kraft food paper bags over plastic bags and other bio-friendly materials?

(1) Sturdy handles. The handle of the kraft food paper bag is repaired with high-quality glue, which makes the handle stronger.

Food paper bags are generally printed with non-toxic, water-based inks and Manroland printing machines, which guarantee the best possible printing results. Kraft food paper bags with logos add character to your shopping, and a beautiful food paper bag makes you feel better.

Take away paper bags generally use two-way glue reinforcement, which makes the bottom more solid, not as easy to break as ordinary paper bags, but also more solid than some environmentally friendly plastic bags, the bottom is suitable for placing heavier items.

(2) With neatly serrated teeth. take away paper bags are produced with advanced automatic machines to keep the overall cost down. This reduces production costs and allows for fast delivery to customers.

(3) A smooth feel to the surface. Food paper bags are made from top-quality materials that are 100% recyclable, which provides better strength and a smooth feel.

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