What are the advantages of window paper bags for flowers?

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Open Window paper bags can be seen everywhere in the flower packaging market, the purpose is to increase the visual impact of products on the shelf, enhance competitiveness, and at the same time can stimulate consumers to promote consumption. The biggest advantage of the Window paper bag is that consumers can see the product itself most intuitively. If the color and texture of the product are better, choosing to open the window is undoubtedly the icing on the cake, showing the best side of the product.

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  • Advantages of window paper bags
  • What are the types of flower paper bags?
  • What are the advantages of using window paper bags to pack flowers?

Advantages of window paper bags

From a design point of view, the Window paper bag is not limited to a certain area or a certain pattern. If used properly, it will produce some unexpected effects, which will help increase consumer goodwill and consumer desire. From a production point of view, opening a window is also a cost-saving method. We all know that window packaging bags are also to be printed. However, compared with full-page printing, the larger the window, the more printing ink can be saved. From a practical point of view, the Window paper bag can more intuitively display the product itself and increase the selling point. Consumers can see what kind of products they want at a glance, saving some tedious steps and indirectly eliminating consumers’ worries about products.

What are the types of flower paper bags?

According to the material, Paper bags for flowers can be divided into a white cardboard paper bag, whiteboard paper bag, bond paper bag, kraft paper bag, special paper bag. According to the different ways of bag side, bottom and back cover, it can be divided into open seamed bottom bag, open adhesive corner bottom Paper bag forms such as bag, valve suture bag, Window paper bag, etc. According to the different handles and digging methods: NKK (perforated and threaded), NAK (non-holes and cords, divided into no-fold and standard fold-type), DCK (cordless bag body digging handle), BBK (with The tongue is not punched).

What are the advantages of using window paper bags to pack flowers?

Using Paper bags for flowers packaging is safer and more environmentally friendly. The paper bag is non-toxic, tasteless, and non-polluting. It meets the standards of the National Environmental Protection Agency, has high strength, and is highly environmentally friendly. It is currently one of the most popular environmentally friendly packaging materials in the world. The resistance to cracking, destruction, and dynamic strength are very high. The window design is very delicate, allowing people to see the beautiful flowers inside while protecting the flowers from accidental damage from the outside world. The bottom is widened and thickened, and the volume becomes larger. It can be placed in a standing position: The thickened bottom design makes the product packaging bag more load-bearing, and the bottom is not easy to fall, so it is firmer and safer. What’s more, the Paper bag for flowers has a retro feel, toughness, and is not easy to deform.

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