The shape characteristics of corrugated paper box and the principle of R&D technology

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corrugated paper box is die-cut, creased, nailed, or glued to make corrugated boxes. Corrugated paper box is one of the most widely used cardboard paper boxes, and the amount has been the top of various packaging products. Next, we will introduce you to corrugated paper boxes.

Here is the table of contents.

  • What is the technology and principle of the corrugated paper box?
  • What kinds of shapes are there in corrugated boxes?

What is the technology and principle of the corrugated paper box?

1. The main printing methods in the corrugated paper box industry are.

Lithographic offset printing (ink color printing), letterpress printing (carton water-based printing). Compared with color printing, water-based printing has high strength, low cost, high production efficiency (fast delivery time), and an overall printing effect close to color printing, which is widely used in the transportation packaging of products.

2. Main production processes of a corrugated paper box.

Corrugated paper box automatic production line, printing process, post-processing, and forming process; printing work has realized the automatic operation of printing, slotting, die-cutting, gluing and packaging in one process.

3. Water-based printing of corrugated paper boxes belongs to the additive color printing method. The color original is electronically color-separated into a reverse image and then printed on a printing press. The ink is transferred from the anilox rollers of the printing press to the printing plate, and then the ink is transferred from the printing plate to the corrugated board. Most of the cartoon paper boxes are also printed using the overlay color method.

4. Prepress technology (traditional plate making)

(1) Color originals processed by electronic color separation into monochrome and then out of the film sheet (negative image soft film).

(2) Back exposure: exposure of the back of the plate with ultraviolet light to form the base of the printing plate.

(3) The main exposure: remove the protective film on the front of the plate, put on the negative picture, cover the vacuum film, vacuum pumping, the main exposure with ultraviolet light, the content of the negative picture transferred to the printing plate.

(4) Wash plate: wash the plate in the plate washer with a potion to wash off the unexposed resin on the printing plate, forming the intaglio printing plate.

(5) Drying.

(6) De-stick: ultraviolet light source irradiation.

(7) Post-exposure: hardness adjustment.

What kinds of shapes are there in corrugated boxes?

According to the shape of corrugated, there are 3 designs of corrugated paper boxes: V, U, and UV.

The V-shaped corrugated waveform is characterized by a high value of plane resistance pressure, which saves adhesive usage in use and saves corrugated base paper. However, corrugated paper boxes made of this waveform are poorly cushioned and do not easily recover from pressure or impact.

The U-shaped corrugated waveform is characterized by a large adhesive area, strong bonding, and a certain degree of elasticity (better recovery). When a corrugated paper box is impacted by external forces, it is not as fragile as a V-shaped flute, but the plane is not as strong as a V-shaped flute.

Based on the performance characteristics of V-flutes and U-flutes, UV-shaped corrugated sticks, which combine the advantages of both, are now commonly used. The result is a corrugated packaging paper box that maintains the high-stress resistance of V-flute and the high adhesive strength and flexibility of U-flute.

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