The historical change and future of kraft paper bags

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The emergence of the kraft paper bag as a paper shopping bag has changed the traditional thinking that shopping is limited to the number of items that can be carried by both hands, and has made it less enjoyable for consumers to shop because they are worried about not being able to carry it. This article will focus on the historical change and the future of the kraft paper bag.

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  • What historical changes have kraft paper bags undergone?
  • The future of kraft paper bags.

What historical changes have kraft paper bags undergone?

The first shopping kraft paper bag, which was born in 1908 in St. Paul, Minnesota, USA. A local grocery shop owner, Walter DuVernay, began looking for ways to get consumers to buy more things at once to boost sales. DuVernay thought it would be a pre-made bag that was inexpensive and easy to use and could hold at least 75 pounds. After much trial and error, he settled on kraft paper, which was made from coniferous trees with long wood fibers and treated with milder chemicals such as caustic soda and sulphuric alkali during the cooking process, so that the original strength of the wood fibers was less compromised, resulting in a paper that was tightly joined and tough enough to withstand high tension and pressure without breaking. Four years later, the first packaging bag for shopping was created. With its rectangular bottom, it has a larger volume than the traditional V-bottom paper bag. A cord runs through its bottom and sides to increase its load-bearing capacity, and two pull loops are formed at the top end of the bag to make it easier for people to carry. Du Weiner named this shopping bag after himself and applied for a patent for it in 1915. At this time, the annual sales volume of this shopping bag has exceeded 100 million.

The future of kraft paper bags.

It may be an exaggeration to say that the birth of the paper shopping bag has driven the development of the entire retail industry, but it has at least revealed to businesses that you simply cannot predict how much consumers will buy until their shopping experience becomes as comfortable, easy and convenient as possible. This was the point that drew attention to the consumer shopping experience and led to the development of the supermarket basket and trolley.

In the following half-century or so, the development of kraft paper shopping bags can be described as smooth, the improvement of the material to increase its load-bearing capacity, the appearance has become more and more beautiful, manufacturers will be a variety of trademarks, patterns printed on kraft paper bags, into the streets of shops. Until the mid-20th century, the emergence of plastic shopping bags became another large revolution in the history of shopping bag development. It is lighter, thinner, stronger, and cheaper manufacturing costs and other advantages make the once beautiful kraft paper bags eclipsed.

However, with the “anti-plastic” wind prevailing around the world, environmentalists have begun to focus on the old take away paper bags. McDonald’s China began in 2006, gradually in all shops to implement a thermal insulation property of take away paper bags to hold takeaway food, to replace the use of plastic food bags. This initiative has also received a positive response from other businesses, such as Nike, Adidas, and other large consumers of the original plastic bags, who have begun to use high-quality take away paper bags to replace plastic shopping bags.

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