The excellent printing process of luxury paper boxes

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We know that the exquisite and fashionable luxury paper box is finalized by a complex process in tandem. The negligence of any process link can lead to the onset of consumption quality accidents. The rigor of the process is necessary to ensure the high quality of high-end paper boxes. Therefore, the characteristics of luxury paper boxes and their printing process are generally what kind of, the next will provide you with a detailed introduction.

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What are the characteristics of luxury paper boxes?

What is the printing process of a luxury paper box?


What are the characteristics of luxury paper boxes?

The unique luxury paper box is handmade from 100 – 300gsm paper material with durable high quality. The carrying handle of this premium carton is attached to the inside of the bag with a shoe buckle. The premium carton can be used to hold heavy items, which means it can hold up to 10kg of products.

What is the printing process of a luxury paper box?

1. Later design and what material to choose

The design and manufacture of luxury paper boxes is the key link of the entire paper bag consumption process. Luxury paper box selection of materials, decorative techniques, and performance are inseparable from the use and effectiveness of paper bags. Kraft paper is good toughness, high strength, rougher appearance. Cardboard stiffness is good but poor toughness, used as a paper bag general need for exterior lamination. Copperplate paper has a certain toughness, rich printing color, but the stiffness is worse than cardboard. Emphasize the durability of the choice of kraft paper, luxury packing boxes on the color and stiffness are delicate when the majority of cardboard, and the need for rich and colorful pattern effect, people tend to prefer coated paper. To improve the taste and level of portable paper bags, designers in the post-printing exterior decorative processes on the brain. Of course, no matter what kind of finishing process is used, designers should think about the economic application of paper materials, process design sensibility. For the sake of consumption and quality control, it is indispensable to create a set of complete and clear work engineering drawings when designing, and in a few cases, the goods also need to be confirmed by proofing.

2. Printing

Luxury paper box ordinary large layout color is quite a lot, it is recommended to use high-quality printing machine to stop printing, good printing machine, ink control is more proportional, color brightness is also relatively good.

3. Lamination

Film lamination, also known as post-printing over plastic, post-printing laminating or post-printing film, refers to the appearance of the printed material covered with a layer of 0.012 ~ 0.020㎜ thick bright plastic film and constitutes a paper-plastic finishing process, generally divided into pre-coating and that is coated with two processes. According to the use of different film materials and there are high gloss film and matte film. With the use of environmentally friendly water-based solvents, the environmental protection of the laminating process has been further progress. Non-cowhide luxury paper box more than the use of lamination process, mainly because the lamination can add color concentration, commodity waterproof to avoid dirt function is good, the paper’s aging resistance, tear resistance, resistance to tearing and other physical properties generally progress, and then the fastness and strength of luxury paper box lost improvement, bearing capacity is enhanced.

4. Appearance finishing

Hot stamping, UV, varnishing, and other print finishing processes are commonly used in the consumption of luxury paper boxes. It greatly satisfies the pursuit of the paper bag subtlety, high-grade. In the consumption process, it is also necessary to control the key points in these process links.

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