Introduction to cardboard paper boxes

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The carton packaging industry has developed very rapidly in recent years, and the production capacity has increased significantly. Cardboard paper boxes have the advantages of low processing costs, convenient storage, and transportation, suitable for a variety of printing methods, especially corrugated paper boxes, for example, are very conducive to the promotion and marketing of goods. Next, we will introduce you to cardboard paper boxes.

Here is the table of contents:

  • How can we better ensure the quality of cardboard paper boxes?
  • What are the advantages of cardboard paper boxes?
  • How to avoid the problems that will occur during the transportation of cardboard paper boxes?

How can we better ensure the quality of cardboard paper boxes?

Protection of goods is the most basic function of cardboard paper boxes, if the quality of cardboard paper boxes is not up to par, then it will damage the goods, naturally, the reputation of cardboard paper box manufacturers will have a greater impact on the, so know how to control the cardboard paper boxes is quite important.

One, produce the environment: want to ensure the quality of cardboard paper boxes, the first should ensure a good production environment, to ensure that the environment is ventilated and dry, clean and hygienic is to ensure the quality of cardboard paper boxes in Huadu the most basic conditions.

Second, in strict accordance with the production standards: I believe that each manufacturer will develop strict site management standards, so production should be strictly in accordance with the standard implementation, and regular production equipment and raw materials, such as a comprehensive inspection.

Third, prevention work needs to be done: the quality of cardboard paper boxes should be controlled from the production process, the factors affecting the quality of cardboard paper boxes often appear in production.

Fourth, mark the unqualified products: for the unqualified cardboard paper boxes, should be well marked in the designated rest to avoid mixing with qualified quality, and the unqualified quality of repair, scrap or transformation, and other work.

What are the advantages of cardboard paper boxes?

1. Green, environmental protection, good environmental protection, all paper can be 100% recycled. Can be reused, saving resources.

2. Cardboard paper box is light in weight, easy to carry, and takes up little space when transported, so the cost is not very high.

3. There are many kinds of cardboard paper boxes, such as special boxes (can achieve anti-static, moisture-proof, insurance, and other needs), holographic paper boxes.

4. Beautiful packaging, can promote the sale of goods.

5. Strong and durable; using high-strength corrugated and face paper, the strength can be compared with wood, which can effectively preserve the quality of goods.

6. Short production cycle, that is, high efficiency.

How to avoid the problems that will occur during the transportation of cardboard paper boxes?

Unlike extensions boxes, cardboard paper boxes in the process of transportation if the improper operation is very easy to damage, to provide high quality, intact products to our customers, we will take the corresponding measures, in transport to pay attention to some details of processing.

The loading process should ensure the quality of products, to do lightly, forbid direct foot on the product, must use the mat, to ensure the safety of loading and product quality, leading to the last row, need to use the rack ladder loading, tighten the rope when the top around the application of wooden board protection.

When loading and unloading cardboard paper boxes, we should pay attention to lightly take and place, try to move as far as possible, do not fall, especially the cardboard paper box corners straight to the ground.

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