How to wrap flowers in a paper bag?

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Paper bags for flowers are cheap and easily available paper. They can be used not only for printing but also for packaging. The bouquets used for packaging have a simple and retro beauty, so they are often used in floral packaging. The packaged flowers look beautiful, formal, and unique. There are thick and thin types of paper bags for flower packaging. It is better to choose a thicker one to support the weight of the flower, and the package is longer and stronger.

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Steps for wrapping flowers in paper

What is a window paper bag?

How to use window paper bags to package flowers?

Steps for wrapping flowers in paper

1. The first step of wrapping flowers is to prepare the necessary flowers according to personal preference.

2. Put the flower branches between our thumbs and index fingers in a spiral method. We can add a few green leaves when we make bouquets.

3. After we lay out all the bouquets, we can fix the bouquets with tape or rope.

4. Cut the Paper bag for flowers to a suitable size. Fold the paper again to give it a sense of hierarchy. At this time we can use tape to fix it.

5. We can also put a layer of plain paper on the outside to make the bouquet feel more fluffy and full.

6. Finally, we tied the bow on the outside of the paper bag for flowers packaging.

What is a window paper bag?

Window paper bag is to open a window in a part of the paper bag and close it with cellophane or transparent film to show the best part of the product. This transparent area can be large or small according to different bags and has different shapes. Many things can be seen in their entirety by looking at the part, and the window can be smaller. For example, flower food and Cordyceps have all the content fixed in the window, which is not only beautiful but also invisibly increases the number of products in the minds of buyers.

How to use window paper bags to package flowers?

1. Bundle the bouquet in the way you like, preferably not too big.

2. Put flat the Paper bag with a window on the table.

3. Put the flowers in the center of the paper bag, put the bouquet up in one hand, and hold it firmly..

4. Close the paper bag, withdraw both hands, and hold the bouquet wrapped in the wrapping paper.

5. Organize the way you like, don’t be too messy.

6. Finally, you can tie the bouquet with a ribbon and tie a bow.

7. The color of the flower and the color of the paper bag should match well.

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