How To Get Custom Packaging For Small Business?

How To Get Custom Packaging For Small Business
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The custom packaging is a very integral element in introducing a customer to a given product. If a package is appealing to even a single customer, it can be impactful. It’s undeniable that packaging is more than just the outer covering of a product in a cardboard box.

Custom packaging can double up as an effective tool for marketing while providing extra security to the contents. It also enables the customization of logos, pictures, shapes, and patterns on boxes and other packaging materials. Packaging is a vital part of the customer experience for e-commerce retailers.

As a small business, you can leverage custom packaging to design personalized boxes for safely shipping your products, thereby building a brand identity. Custom packaging can help you develop a loyal customer base while promoting sustainability and credibility.

The Packaging Company offers reliable solutions like custom boxes, mailers, tape, office supplies, and more, helping optimize your product packaging design.

Types of Custom Products
Different Types of Custom Products

Advantages of Employing Customized Packaging

Custom packaging showcases the identity of your brand. Here are the benefits of using custom boxes for shipping:

Better Protection

Custom packaging ensures your products are safeguarded during both storage and shipment. It can protect fragile items or uniquely shaped products prone to shipping damages that standard boxes might not guard against effectively. You can tailor the shape and size of your packaging to fit the products being delivered, with options for padding and snug fits that offer necessary protection for fragile items.

Acts as a Strong Marketing Tool

Custom packaging allows you to present your products as luxurious, fun, or enigmatic. With a skillful blend of colors and strategic logo placement, your customized product packaging can stand out in the market. Utilize your product type and target market, using custom packaging as a powerful marketing tool for brand awareness.

Differentiates Your Business

Custom packaging enables your business to stand out, regardless of the products you sell. As a small business owner, custom packaging can attract more customers and give you a competitive edge. Designing attractive boxes that reflect your business’s mission and product type can create a lasting impression on your customers. The packaging of your products influences consumer behavior, so custom packaging can positively shape your target consumers’ perception of your brand.

Reduces Shipping Costs

Many small business owners may not realize that custom packaging is more cost-effective than standard pre-made packaging. Over time, the savings in shipping costs can be significant, especially for lightweight or small products. Custom boxes are made to fit your products precisely, eliminating the need for extra packaging weight and reducing shipping charges.

Eco-Friendly Alternative

The growing awareness of climate and environmental issues has led businesses to adopt sustainable products and packaging. With the rise of eco-conscious consumers, eco-friendly packaging has become increasingly popular. Studies show that 35% of consumers are willing to pay more for eco-friendlier products. Eco-friendly packaging uses fewer materials, making it a cost-effective solution for your products. The more environmentally friendly your packaging is, the more appealing, respected, and desirable your products will be among your current and potential customers.

Advantages of Employing Customized Packaging
Advantages of Employing Customized Packaging

Types of Custom Products

At The Packaging Company, you have a plethora of custom product options to choose from. Regardless of the kind and form of products you sell, we can assist in designing custom boxes and mailers to streamline and safeguard their shipment.

What We Offer in Custom Packaging Solutions:

Explore our full spectrum of custom packaging solutions in our custom shop. Investing in custom packaging is not only worthwhile for enhancing your market presence but also for crafting a lasting customer experience.

Comprehensive Guide to Packaging Materials

Paper Packaging

  • Overview: Paper packaging, often used for lightweight items, offers versatility and ease of customization. Ideal for products like small consumer goods, cosmetics, and food items.
  • Types:
    • Tissue Paper: Thin and flexible, perfect for wrapping delicate items and adding a touch of elegance.
    • Butcher Paper: Strong and durable, commonly used for wrapping and packing food items.
    • Waxed Paper: Moisture-resistant, suitable for products that might be exposed to damp conditions.
  • Customization: Excellent for printing; can feature brand colors, logos, and other design elements.
  • Sustainability: Often recyclable and biodegradable, making it an eco-friendly choice.

Cardboard Packaging

  • Overview: Cardboard is a thicker, more durable form of paper, widely used for a variety of packaging needs due to its strength and flexibility.
  • Types:
    • Corrugated Cardboard: Comprises multiple layers, including a fluted or wavy middle layer, offering excellent protection against impact. Ideal for shipping boxes.
    • Paperboard (Chipboard): Lightweight yet sturdy, suitable for smaller packages like medicine boxes or cereal boxes.
  • Customization: Can be easily cut, folded, and printed on, allowing for a wide range of design options.
  • Sustainability: Generally made from recycled material and is recyclable, but less durable than some other options.

Kraft Packaging

  • Overview: Kraft packaging is known for its strength and durability, made from chemical pulp produced in the Kraft process.
  • Types:
    • Natural Kraft Paper: Strong and versatile, with a natural brown color, often used for shopping bags and wrapping.
    • Bleached Kraft Paper: White in color, offering a cleaner look, used in more premium packaging.
  • Customization: Amenable to various printing techniques, although its rough texture can impact the clarity of detailed graphics.
  • Sustainability: Highly biodegradable and often made from recycled materials.

Specialty Papers and Cards

  • Types:
    • Coated Paper: Treated to improve brightness or smoothness, often used in high-end product packaging.
    • Textured Paper: Offers a unique tactile experience, used in luxury packaging.
  • Customization: Provides a distinctive look and feel, suitable for brands seeking a premium packaging experience.
  • Sustainability: Varies based on the type and treatment of the paper; some specialty papers may be less eco-friendly.

Considerations for Selecting Packaging Materials

  • Product Compatibility: Ensure the material chosen is suitable for the product, considering factors like weight, fragility, and size.
  • Brand Alignment: The packaging material should reflect the brand’s image and values, whether it’s luxury, eco-consciousness, or practicality.
  • Cost-Effectiveness: Balance the cost of materials with the desired quality and brand image.
  • Environmental Impact: Consider the lifecycle of the packaging material, including its production, usage, and disposal or recycling.
Comprehensive Guide to Packaging Materials
Comprehensive Guide to Packaging Materials

How to Design Your Custom Packaging:

With The Packaging Company, designing custom packaging is straightforward and efficient, involving just six simple steps.

1. Choose Your Product

Begin by selecting the type of custom product you require, understanding the compatibility with your products. Options include custom boxes in various colors, custom tapes, mailers, coasters, tissue papers, floor decals, labels, and stickers. Designing and positioning your artwork or logo is only possible after selecting the product.

2. Select Your Dimensions

Once the product is chosen, decide on its size and dimensions. Custom boxes, for example, offer a range from the smallest size of 4x4x3 to the largest at 12x10x4. Use our Right Mailers fit guide to ensure optimal mailer selection for your delivery needs.

How to Correctly Measure The Dimensions of Paper Bags, please click to view the previous blog here:

3. Select Materials

Choose between white material or Kraft material for custom boxes and coffee sleeves. If your design omits white, opt for Kraft material for a more natural aesthetic.

4. Making Artwork

Leverage our user-friendly online design tools to upload and craft your packaging design. Custom branded boxes allow you to choose exterior and interior colors and designs. The graphics tab offers advanced options for unique designs, including background artwork upload capabilities. You can also incorporate stock artwork or add text boxes with various fonts and panel colors.

5. 3D Preview on Custom Branded Boxes

The 3D preview feature lets you visualize your final design on your custom packaging. Adjust positions, change colors, and finalize your design, ensuring it matches your vision before production.

6. Quantity Selection

Choose the order quantity and review the total cost. Note that the price per item may decrease with bulk orders. After payment, your products will be produced and shipped (inquire about lead times).

How The Packaging Company Can Help You

How The Packaging Company Can Help You
How Lipack Can Help You

As a leading packaging retailer in the USA and Canada, we cater to all packaging needs with a wide array of supplies, from mailers to cardboard boxes.

Whether you aim to design an attractive, unique package or mirror your small business’s philosophy through packaging, we’ve got you covered. Trust us for both short-run and bulk custom packaging solutions.

Prototyping and Sampling

The Vital Role of Prototyping in Custom Packaging

  • Introduction to Prototyping: Explain the concept of prototyping in the context of packaging. It’s a preliminary model of the final product, offering a tangible preview of how the packaging will look and function.
  • Benefits of Prototyping: Discuss the advantages, such as verifying the design, assessing the physical feel, and ensuring functionality. Prototyping helps in making necessary adjustments before mass production, saving time and resources.

Creating a Prototype

  • Digital Prototyping Tools: Introduce the various digital tools available for creating packaging prototypes. These tools often offer 3D visualization, allowing businesses to see their design from all angles.
  • Crafting a Physical Prototype: For a more tangible approach, discuss how to create a physical prototype. This might involve manually assembling a mock-up or using a professional service to produce a small batch.

Sampling: The Next Step in Validation

  • Requesting Samples from Suppliers: Guide on how to request samples from your chosen packaging supplier. Emphasize the importance of communicating your exact specifications and expectations.
  • Analyzing the Samples: Detail what to look for in the samples received. This includes material quality, print accuracy, color fidelity, and structural integrity. It’s also crucial to test the sample with the actual product to ensure fit and protection.

Iterative Process of Refinement

  • Revising Based on Feedback: Encourage an iterative approach. Feedback on the initial samples might lead to design tweaks or material changes. It’s a collaborative process between the business and the supplier.
  • Finalizing the Design: Once the prototype meets all requirements, it’s time to finalize the design. Confirm all specifications, including dimensions, materials, and print details.

Preparing for Production

  • Signing Off on Prototypes: Explain the significance of formally approving the prototype. This often involves signing off on a ‘proof,’ which is a final version of the prototype.
  • Understanding Production Timelines: Offer insights into how the prototyping and sampling process can impact the overall production timeline. Emphasize the importance of factoring in these stages when planning product launches or restocking.
How The Packaging Company Can Help You
How The Packaging Company Can Help You

Benefits of Ordering from Us:

  • Low minimum order quantities, perfect for small businesses
  • Colorful and vibrant printing to distinguish your brand
  • Free and easy-to-use online design tools
  • Instant quotes for budget planning
  • Expert packaging guidance every step of the way, with next-day shipping options

Looking for Custom Packaging Solutions?

Contact The Packaging Company today to discover how we can support your business’s custom packaging needs. Fill out our online contact form or call us at +86-136-5519-6231 to begin crafting a unique customer experience centered around bespoke packaging.

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