How environmentally friendly is the paper bag for a retail store?

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In today’s society, people’s awareness of environmental protection continues to increase, and they also prefer products with environmental protection words. Many companies are paying more and more attention to shouldering their social responsibilities, and they are all making contributions to environmental protection in their way. Our company is no exception, we are committed to providing a more environmentally friendly paper bag for the retail store. In this article, we will introduce the environmental protection of paper bags for retail stores.

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l Environmentally friendly paper materials

l Environmentally friendly printing ink

Environmentally friendly paper materials

Recycled paper is the main material for the retail paper bag produced by our company. Rather than cutting down trees to reduce vegetation coverage, we are more inclined to choose recycled paper made from recycled paper to make retail paper bags. In this way, we can not only reduce the production cost of retail paper bags, thereby reducing the sales price of retail paper bags to benefit customers but also avoid the problem of aggravating vegetation damage, thus better protecting the ecosystem. As the old saying goes-kill two birds with one stone.

The above is the environmental protection reflected in the retail paper bag production process. Next, let’s talk about the part reflected in the use process. Because it is a paper bag, the service life will not be as long as that of a woven bag or plastic bag. But please don’t worry, our paper bag for the retail store is 100% recyclable. Even if it does not flow into the recycling channel, it can be completely degraded. So please rest assured to use our retail paper bag.

Environmentally friendly printing ink

Due to the need for aesthetics or publicity, some patterns or text are sometimes printed on our paper bag for a retail store. At this time, you may be worried. Will the ink attached to the paper bag for retail stores pollute the environment? We have also considered this issue, so we use environmentally friendly water-based soy ink for printing. This ink is extracted from soybean oil, which is renewable, non-hazardous, and easy to recycle. In addition, its resistance to light, heat, and friction is also stronger than traditional inks. Soy ink has high transparency, good fluidity, and colorability, bright colors, and is not easy to fade. It is suitable for a wide range of color printing. When paper bags for retail stores are recycled, soy inks are easier to clean during the deinking process than traditional inks, which effectively reduces the damage to the retail paper bag during deinking. It also makes the deinked retail paper bag easier to degrade.

In contemporary times, protecting the ecological environment and developing a green economy has gradually become the general trend. From various government policies on restricting the use of plastics, we can see that the government attaches great importance to environmental protection. If you are interested in our products, please consult the official website: www.cnlipack.com. Thank you very much for your support.

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