How can we produce a customize paper bag that we are satisfied with?

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When customers place orders for customize paper bag manufacturers, often due to some communication problems will lead to a certain amount of trouble in the follow-up communication. First of all, customize paper bags are used to convey the culture and information of the company, how to design a customize paper bag that can reflect the culture of your company is a very headache. How is a customize paper bag with soul produced? How can you produce a customize paper bag that you want?

Here is the content list:

1. What is the basic process of designing a customize paper bag?

2. Customize paper bags need to pay attention to what factors?

3. What are the uses of customize paper bags?

What is the basic process of designing a customize paper bag?

1. First of all, we should understand the demand point of the guests, and then the professional designer will arrange the plate making.

2. By the customer, to determine the design draft and then out of the piece customer orders to buy paper, printing, laminating.

3. Die-cutting, creasing gluing bags, punching, stringing, packaging.

4. The middle according to different requirements, there may be some hot stamping, embossing, embossing, playing steam eye, and other processes.

Customize paper bags need to pay attention to what factors?

1.Price description

According to the number of customized paper bags, size specifications, printing technology, production technology, raw materials, and other pricing.

2.Specification size

Can be customized according to customer needs.

3.Product color

A variety of paper colors to choose from, but also for the user to customize the special edition of the pattern or special color paper material. We can also print different colors directly according to customer requirements.

4.Paper specifications

Double-adhesive paper/coated paper/coated paper/black cardboard/white cardboard/kraft paper/touch paper/elegant paper and other kinds of special paper are available.

5.Printing process

Can be printed for customers LOGO, paper bags can do hot stamping, UV, embossing, embossing and other types of special technology.

6.Product use

Clothing, shopping malls, corporate image promotion, tobacco and wine gifts, food packaging.

What are the uses of customize paper bags?

1.Gift giving. China attaches great importance to the culture of etiquette. For some good friends who have not seen for a long time, want to contact under the feelings, we will be the way to send gifts to contact feelings. At this time, customize paper bags are exactly what you need to use, perfect for gifts to friends and relatives.

2.Upscale. Customize paper bags will give people a sense of class, go out with such customize paper bags, so you are very dignified, so choose such customize paper bags people are also very happy to use. Customize paper bags give a sense of warmth and etiquette so that you send relatives and friends very dignified.

3.Customized. For such customize paper bags are very popular in the gift industry. So in the custom need to make paper bags according to the products of the enterprise, design a satisfactory paper bag, custom or have great significance. The more such customize paper bags are printed, the cheaper the cost will be, which is what the business wants to achieve.

4.The medium. Customize paper bags can be printed LOGO, which can play the effect of free publicity so that businesses receive benefits in a shorter period. This is also the way recognized by the enterprise, using such a way to spread the corporate culture to impress people.

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