Introduction to different types of handles for a paper bag for retail store

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Based on the principle of trying our best to meet customer needs, our company can provide customers with customized retail paper bags. Customers can put forward requirements for the design of retail paper bags according to their preferences and actual user needs. Not only the paper quality used in the retail paper bag can be changed according to customer requirements, but also the handle of the retail paper bag can also be changed. This article will briefly introduce the different types of handles.

Here is the content list:

l Paper handle

l Plastic handle

l Braided handle


Paper handle

The retail paper bag handle shape of this material is more diverse. Let’s start with the twisted paper handle. Twisted paper handles are usually made by twisting the kraft paper into a long strip, then cutting it to an appropriate length, and finally sticking its ends on the inside of the retail paper bag. This form of paper retail paper bag handle is relatively tough and not easy to pull off. There is also a flat paper handle. Unlike the twisted paper handle, the cross-section of this handle is flat and different from the round cross-section of the twisted paper handle. This kind of retail paper bag handle has a larger contact area with the user’s hand, which means that the force area is larger. Under the same pressure, the pressure received by the retail paper bag user’s hand is smaller. The last is the die-cut handle. This design is very material-saving. The process of making it is also very simple, that is, to open an oval hole on the finished retail paper bag, the size is suitable for the average person to penetrate three to four fingers.

Plastic handle

The appearance of the retail paper bag handle described below is very similar to the twisted paper handle mentioned above, but it is made of PP as the main raw material, which is what we often call polypropylene. Plastic handles tend to be stronger and more malleable than fragile paper handles. In addition, it is fixed to the retail paper bag in a perforated manner, which means that it can withstand heavier contents. Generally, wine bags, or retail paper bags for shoes, can consider using this type of handle.

Braided handle

Compared with the retail paper bag handles of the previous two materials, the braided handle is undoubtedly a more friendly handle. We offer two options here, one is a cotton rope, the other is a ribbon handle. The handle made of woven fabric is softer and more comfortable, and it is also more textured, which helps to complement the appearance of the beautifully designed retail paper bag to create a more ideal visual effect. Some luxury stores generally use ribbon handles as the handles of their retail paper bags, because this handle is shiny, feels good, looks more stylish, and is in line with the style of their products.

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