Design principles related to cardboard paper boxes

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In addition to protecting goods and facilitating storage and transportation, cardboard paper boxes also play the role of beautifying and promoting goods. Cardboard paper boxes belong to green products, it is conducive to environmental protection, loading, and unloading transportation. The next will provide you with a detailed introduction to cardboard paper boxes.

Here is the table of contents:

  • How is the strength of cardboard paper boxes designed?
  • What are the design principles of the cardboard paper box?

How is the strength of cardboard paper boxes designed?

1. Side compression strength = surface raw paper comprehensive ring compression strength + comprehensive corrugated paper ring compression strength * shrinkage rate general side pressure calculation according to the lowest ring compression strength of raw paper (safe and reliable), the actual test value will be appropriately greater than the theoretical calculation value.

2. Breaking strength: The maximum external force that a unit area of corrugated board can withstand before rupture is uniformly increased. Unit: Kg/cm2.

Cardboard paper box rupture strength = face paper rupture strength + middle grid paper rupture strength + bottom paper rupture strength

4. Side compression, breakage resistance, puncture with cardboard. Cardboard paper box edge compression strength will be lower than the cardboard edge compression strength (due to the loss of corrugated in the manufacturing process).

5. Cardboard paper box compressive strength = side compression strength (N/cm) * Calicut constant F. The F value depends on the perimeter length of the cardboard paper box, 2*(length + width) cm. and the corrugated flute type.

6. The compressive strength of cardboard paper box = corresponding to the compressive strength of ordinary box type * 0.6 * 1.62 * shaking cover width/carton width.

7. Cardboard paper boxes, cardboard bonding strength. As with corrugated paper boxes, the force is required to separate the unit length of cardboard face paper from the corrugated paper. Unit: N / m flute.

8. Stacking strength and compressive strength.

The required compressive strength of a cardboard paper box = [gross weight of the box * (stacking layers – 1)] * safety factor K. The former part is the static stacking strength of the cardboard paper box.

What are the design principles of the cardboard paper box?

Cardboard paper box structure design is from the actual conditions of packaging and production, based on scientific principles of the packaging shape structure and internal accessories for the design. Design must ensure that the structure has sufficient strength, hardness, and the ability to resist other environments.

Qualified cardboard paper box products start with the right structural design. Designers must not only truly understand the customer’s intent, but also be familiar with the post-processing process. Designers should understand the nature, shape, size, and weight of the cardboard paper box contents, the arrangement, transportation, and stacking of the contents, the storage environment of the contents, the transportation route and time, as well as the carton box type and production materials before the design begins. Designers in determining the size of the cardboard paper box are mainly to consider two factors: one is to be able to accommodate the contents; the second is to have sufficient strength. Just like the extensions box, it’s internal how can contain enough items on how to design. The constraints of the cardboard paper box size and shape of the factors in addition to the contents of the package, there are many other factors, such as ergonomic factors, the size of the pallet, the size of the truck car, the size of the container space, with the size of the shelf size. Only when the design is carried out so meticulously will it be possible to have holographic paper boxes in the future.

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