Do you know the correct packaging method and precautions for bubbles packaging bags?

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Product packing and shipping will experience a series of instability factors such as bumps, shaking, collisions, throwing, etc., which may cause product damage in the package. The application of bubbles packaging bags has reduced the rate of damage to products in transit and solved a major problem for businesses.

Here is the content list:

1. What is the role of the bubbles packaging bag?

2. What is the packaging method of a bubbles packaging bag?

3. What are the bubbles packaging bag packaging considerations?

What is the role of the bubbles packaging bag?

Most of the bubbles packaging bag is used for product wrapping, box padding, the purpose is to protect the product and packaging containers isolated from each other to avoid damage to the product in transport, handling, stacking bump, squeeze scratch; or used in the packaging container gap filling, to avoid excessive shaking of the product in transport, to ensure the safety of product transportation.

At the same time, a bubbles packaging bag can also be used as a gap filler between the product and the packaging container, so that the product is in the packaging container in a fixed state, to avoid excessive shaking collision, to protect the safety of product transportation.

What is the packaging method of a bubbles packaging bag?

1. Sharp-edged products should be cardboard, corner protection, and other things to separate the product and bubbles packaging bag to prevent scratching and loss of protective properties.

2. Use a bubbles packaging bag to fill the gap inside the box to prevent excessive shaking.

3. Use a bubbles packaging bag to wrap the product.

4. Place bubbles packaging bag around the box to do buffer protection.

What are the bubbles packaging bag packaging considerations?

1. Multi-layer packaging multi-protection.

For most goods, the use of a layer of packaging is not enough. Usually, if the goods themselves do not have the packaging, then you should use plastic bags or bubbles packaging bags as direct contact with the goods packaging materials, the outside with newspaper, fabric, or kraft paper wrapped later plus the outer packaging. If the goods themselves have a plastic bag or carton packaging, but also to add the outer packaging. So that customers receive the goods in the unpacking is still intact.

2. Leaving less space in the box.

For the use of cartons as the outer packaging of goods, need to pay attention to the filling between the goods themselves. Because in the process of delivery, if the goods are in the carton back and forth, the same is likely to break. Such gaps can be filled with newspaper dough, and small ones can use paper rolls or sponges. During the delivery process, even if the outer packaging is damaged, as long as these cushions are in place, the merchandise itself will not be damaged by breaking hard objects. In the use of bubbles packaging bag packaging process to pay attention to the above two points, to effectively prevent damage to goods.

Bubbles packaging bag is a cushioning protective packaging material, play a cushioning shock absorption role, in the packaging to be used correctly. This can reduce the impact of external impact when the product is delivered and can be a good protection of the product. Nanjing Lipack Co., Ltd produces bubbles packaging bags with excellent quality and reasonable price, which can protect the products well.

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