Characteristics of paper bag for a retail store

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Although the paper bag for the retail store will be introduced next, we have produced and used different paper types to make retail paper bags according to different customer needs. In order to allow customers to better choose suitable paper retail paper bags according to their needs, this article will focus on the three paper retail paper bags produced by our company. We hope this brief introduction can provide some help for your decision-making.

Here is the content list:

  • Cardboard
  • Kraft Paper
  • Art Paper


The paper bag for retail stores made of this kind of paper has a smooth surface, allowing us to print our favorite patterns or slogans on the retail paper bag. In addition, the cardboard has a certain hardness and thickness, which means that this kind of paper retail bag can withstand heavier items, such as a large box of cookies, or a heavy bottle of red wine. If you pay attention to the tobacco and alcohol counter, you will find that most wine bags choose this kind of paper retail paper bag.

At the same time, the retail paper bag made of cardboard can also provide better protection for the goods in the bag and prevent damage caused by bumps. Moreover, this kind of sturdy retail paper bag is not easy to deform, and it can also avoid squeezing to produce wrinkles and thus appear cheap, so it is very suitable as a packaging bag for some luxury goods.

Kraft Paper

Retail paper bags made of kraft paper can be said to be very common. You can see kraft paper bags for retail stores in restaurants, stationery stores, clothing stores, and so on. The retail paper bag made of this kind of paper is lighter and thinner and more convenient to carry. But also because of the thin thickness of the paper, retail kraft paper bags are relatively fragile and are not suitable for heavy or sharp-looking items, because it is easy to damage the retail kraft paper bags and cause the items in the bag to fall and be destroyed.

Art Paper

The biggest feature of this kind of retail paper bag made of art paper is its artistry. Compared with the previous two paper-based retail paper bags, which are more practical, this kind of retail paper bag will not only ensure its practicality but also its aesthetics. It has richer colors and patterns for customers to choose from and is a wise choice for wrapping gifts for relatives and friends. A retail paper bag made of art paper can make your gift more pleasing, and it also highlights the sincerity of the gift giver. At the same time, the design-rich retail paper bag can attract the attention of more passersby. Then, when your customers take out the retail paper bag that contains the products in your store, they also contribute to the promotion of your store invisibly.

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