Applications of jewelry paper bags

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Jewelry paper bag refers to the external packaging protector of jewelry, which is an important aspect of product management. A beautiful piece of jewelry packaging bag can give guests a bright effect, so that customers leave the impression of the product, thus increasing its sales. So how does jewelry paper bag play an important role in sales?

Here is the content list:

  • To play the role of storage jewelry
  • Jewelry paper bags also have a protective effect
  • Jewelry paper bags can also decorate your room
  • Promote product features and increase the added value of products.
  • Reflecting the aesthetic and artistic sense

To play the role of storage jewelry

Storage jewelry: jewelry paper bag is the most direct role of jewelry security collection, according to the storage of different shapes, different materials of jewelry independent design, jewelry paper bag not only storage in an organized manner, but also very convenient to pick up.

Jewelry paper bags also have a protective effect

Protect jewelry: jewelry paper bags based on jewelry boxes will be jewelry for protection, to avoid jewelry is scratched, lost, etc… The most important thing is that jewelry packaging bags can prevent some jewelry from oxidation and discoloration because of air and environmental factors.

Jewelry paper bags can also decorate your room

Decorate the room: When you don’t know what items to use to decorate the white part of your room, jewelry paper bags play the role of icing on the cake. Jewelry paper bags can be used to decorate the entire room, giving it an overall more design as well as artistic feel.

Promote product features and increase the added value of products.

A jewelry packaging bag is the external reflection of the inner product. Jewelry paper bags in the process of protecting products, decorative products, with the help of some images, patterns, text, etc. to create a visual image of beauty to consumers, so that jewelry paper bags in different forms of performance to promote the characteristics and functions of jewelry, help consumers to know the product, stimulate people’s visual sense in order to win more shoppers and consumers so that consumers can easily find the products they need.

In addition, a successful product design can have about 5% added value, while a successful jewelry paper bags design has 20% – 30% added value. Therefore, most successful jewelry companies, none of them pay great attention to the role of packaging (jewelry paper bags) in creating added value.

Reflecting the aesthetic and artistic sense

In addition to the above three points, jewelry paper bags can also reflect the taste of girls and their aesthetics, with the development of society, consumer taste is increasingly high, jewelry packaging bags not only meet the above role, there is a strong artistic, aesthetic, but the different materials, on behalf of the taste, is also different, so in the choice of jewelry paper bag design must be based on their brand to choose the design.

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