A basic introduction to luxury paper bag

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If we talk about kraft paper everyone’s thoughts and floating in the mind should be a little rough, rough, and easy to form a crease that can not be removed, the last two years is indeed scraped up extremely simple retro wind, but this is a few cents a kraft paper after the brand designer reasonable to create instantly into a luxury paper bag, become a high street trend items. Recently scraped up the environmental protection retro wind, so paper bags are back in vogue, more and more shops design and produce paper shopping bags, paper shopping bags back to the public’s view, gaining public love. This article introduces the material and workmanship of luxury paper bags and the specific details.

Here is the content list:

  • What are the features of the luxury paper bag?
  • What is the Luxury paper bag made of?
  • Details of the parameters of the material used for the production of luxury paper bags.

What are the features of the luxury paper bag?

The luxury paper bag is handmade from 100 – 300gsm paper material and has a durable high quality. It is worth noting that this bag has a carry handle attached to the inside of the bag with a buckle fastening so that it will not break easily. Also, this bag can be used to carry heavy items, as the material is better, so it can carry a load, meaning that it can carry at least 10 kg of products.

The luxury paper shopping bag has many uses and is usually used in boutiques, clothing packaging, shopping, gift wrapping, cosmetic packaging, wineries, high-end shops, etc.

What is the Luxury paper bag made of?

Paper material: coated paper, strong and resistant to breakage

Handle clasp: shoe clasp, very strong

Bespoke orders: generally different brands have their own unique luxury paper bags, so bespoke orders are accepted

Features: as it is made of paper, unlike non-recyclable plastic, it is more convenient and recyclable

Logo: custom logo accepted

Design: OEM custom designs are available and high-grade customization is accepted

Size: custom sizes are accepted, both large and small sizes are available, custom sizes can be made upon request

OEM: Acceptable

Details of the parameters of the material used for the production of luxury paper bags.

Printing: offset printing, CMYK printing, screen printing

Handle material: cotton cord

Finish: silver print, gold print, embossed or embossed, dot UV, varnish, matt lamination, gold lamination

Size: custom made

Sample delivery time: 2-5 days

Product delivery time: 10-15 days, depending on quantity

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