A basic introduction to kraft paper bags

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The kraft paper bag is a great paper bag that can be reused and has good support properties and does not break easily. Because of their environmental characteristics, kraft paper bags can also be used as paper shopping bags, which are favored by all, especially in European countries where kraft paper bags are almost always used.

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  • Do Kraft paper bags have several practices?
  • What are the performance parameters of kraft paper bags?

Do Kraft paper bags have several practices?

(1) small white kraft paper bags, the general number of such bags, the use of a wide range, many customers require such cheap and durable kraft paper bags, usually the practice of such kraft paper bags are machine forming, machine laminated rope, completely by the machine operation.

(2) the practice of medium-sized kraft paper bags, usually, medium-sized packaging bags are machine laminated molding after the human hand sticker rope and made into kraft paper bags, due to kraft paper bag forming equipment by forming size restrictions, and kraft paper bag sticker rope machine can only stick smaller handbag rope, so the practice of kraft paper bags by the limitations of the machine. Many of the bags do not have the means for the machine to complete the sole production, still have to go through manual production.

(3) large bags, with reverse-head kraft paper bags, thicker yellow kraft paper bags, the practice of these kraft paper bags to be built purely by hand, to ensure quality, these types of kraft paper bags can not yet be put into machine production, these types of kraft paper bags production costs are higher, but also very strong, good quality.

(4) regardless of which kraft paper bags are above, if the number is not large enough, generally used purely handmade, because of the machine production of kraft paper bags loss, there is no way to solve the practice of small quantities of medium-sized packaging bags.

What are the performance parameters of kraft paper bags?

(1) Printing: Offset printing, CMYK printing, screen printing

(2) Handle material: twist paper handle bag

(3) Surface treatment: silver print, gold print, embossed or embossed, spot UV, varnish, matt laminate, gold laminate

(4) Size: custom made

(5) Shapes: flat pockets, square bottom open pockets, square bottom valve pockets, one-piece glued bottom bags (for food packaging)

(6) Material: polypropylene, kraft paper, aluminum foil

(7) Stitching method: paper sealed bottom, heat-sealed bottom, glued bottom.

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